Lirica, an easy-to-use, powerful ,open-source lyrics finder for GNU/Linux.

What Lirica is

Lirica is a lyrics finder that searches the web for the text of a song currently played in a media player, grabs it, cleans it and then prints it, makes it easy to read and save it. This program is currently only for GNU/Linux, ports to other platforms are possible in the future. The main goal of this project is creating a lyrics finder with a easy-to-use GUI and powerfull search and text-cleaning algorithms.

The whole project is released under the GNU/GPL License ( you can find a copy of this license here ) and developed thanks to Sourceforge's tools.

Lirica's GUI and some of its functions are designed and coded using Trolltech's QT libraries to obtain a nice and customizable interface. Here are some screenshots of the application running on a Linux-box with Baghira theme.

  1. main window, startup.
  2. main window, running.
  3. save window.
  4. status bar.

How do I get Lirica ?

Lirica is still in development, but you can get the current source-code, compile it, and test the application. To get the source-code using CVS please visit this page or refer to "Download" link in right menu, where you will find all the informations you need. To compile please read INSTALL file in root directory. Remember that due to its stage of development, the application it's not yet stable, but if you follow the install instruction provided, you may be able to compile and run it. Feel free to use bugtracker and features request tracker.

Lirica's usage is very simple: just run your favorite media player with a song, and then run Lirica. That's it! Lirica will automatically recognize the media player used and the author/title of the song, and a few seconds later will print the lyrics to the screen. Logo