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src Directory Reference


file  controlKaffeine.cpp
 Implementation of controlKaffeine.h.
file  controlKaffeine.h
 Header for Kaffeine related controls.
file  controlXmms.cpp
 Implementation of controlXmms.h.
file  controlXmms.h
 Header for XMMS related controls.
file  httpSearch.cpp
 Implementation of httpSearch.h.
file  httpSearch.h
 Header for HTTP requests managment.
file  lirica.cpp
 Main file containing main().
file  main_window.cpp
 Implementation of main_window.h.
file  main_window.h
 Header for Main Window widget.
file  text_area.cpp
 Implementation of text_area.h.
file  text_area.h
 Header for Text area widget.

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